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12 in. x 80T Fine Finish Miter Saw Blade

This 12-inch mitre saw blade is designed for fine finish cuts and features 80 teeth. Perfect for trim work, cabinetry, and other finish projects, this blade delivers clean and precise cuts with a smooth finish. The high-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance, and the carbide teeth provide durability and resistance to wear and tear. Its thin kerf design reduces material waste and requires less horsepower, making it an efficient tool for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. This blade is compatible with most mitre saws and has a 1-inch arbour hole diameter. Upgrade your saw and produce professional-grade results with this 12 in. x 80T fine finish mitre saw blade.


Premium tungsten carbide teeth stay sharper longer

Deeper gullets remove material faster for ultra-fast cutting

Ultra-thin kerf for precise cutting

Anti-kickback design for a cleaner surface

Alternating top helical tooth design for efficient material removal

Nonstick coating for fast, fine, smooth cuts

To exceed expectations in cutting applications, each blade is specifically engineered with the number of teeth for increased performance and longevity. Finishing blades allow trimmers to take full advantage of sliding or "chop" miter saws, as well as jobsite or workshop table saws. Special cutting geometry and high tooth count produce extremely smooth cuts while minimizing seizure or blowout.


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