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5/8 in. Drywall Reciprocating Saw Blade

Hailian's Drywall Reciprocating Saw Blade was particularly developed to overcome the difficulties involved in doing plumbing and electrical service work behind drywall that has already been put. which, thanks to the short length of the blade and smooth edge, cuts typical 5/8" drywall/sheetrock without damaging any pipes or cables in the wall behind. Comparing  Hailian's serrated cutting edge to all other techniques of opening and penetrating drywall, the amount of dust generated is dramatically reduced—by around 60%.


Make drywall cuts without damaging the wall's pipes or wiring.

Reduce the amount of dust produced when cutting into drywall.

To make repairs easier, remove paper accumulation from the cut area.


Hailian Saw Industry's special-shaped saw blade design and development capabilities are among the best in the industry. The products are divided into economical and professional types. They are widely used in shipbuilding, power generation, horticulture, construction and decoration industries, sawing various metal sheets, aluminum alloys, plastic materials. , laminate, wood, cement products, stone, etc. It can also undertake the research and development and manufacture of various special-shaped saw blades.