Selection and use of woodworking saw blades

2022-06-06 13:36:35 海联锯业科技有限公司 Viewd 609


According to the different materials to be cut, saw blades have different materials, which can be generally divided into high-speed steel saw blades (HSS saw blades), carbide saw blades, insert alloy saw blades, diamond saw blades, etc. Carbide saw blades are generally used for woodworking saw blades, which are the most commonly used cutting tools for wood product processing. The quality of carbide saw blades is closely related to the quality of processed products.

Commonly used types of cemented carbide are tungsten-cobalt (code YG) and tungsten-titanium (code YT). Due to the good impact resistance of tungsten and cobalt carbides, they are more widely used in the wood processing industry. The models commonly used in wood processing are YG8-YG15. The numbers after YG indicate the percentage of cobalt content. With the increase of cobalt content, the impact toughness and bending strength of the alloy are improved, but the hardness and wear resistance are decreased. Choose according to the actual situation.


Woodworking saw blades have a variety of different tooth shapes. The commonly used tooth shapes are left and right teeth, flat teeth, trapezoidal teeth, inverted trapezoidal teeth, dovetail teeth, and the rare industrial grade three left and one right, left and right left and right flat teeth Wait.

Among them, the left and right teeth are the most widely used, the cutting speed is fast, and the grinding is relatively simple. It is suitable for cutting and cross sawing various soft and hard solid wood profiles and MDF, multi-layer boards, particle boards, etc. Left and right tooth saw blades with negative rake angle are usually used for sawing veneer due to sharp teeth and good sawing quality.

Ladder flat tooth is a combination of trapezoidal tooth and flat tooth. It is more complicated to grind. It can reduce the phenomenon of veneer cracking during sawing. It is suitable for sawing of various single and double veneer wood-based panels and fireproof panels.

In fact, the saw blades used in woodworking have many selection factors, but everyone must choose based on their own needs, so as to choose a better one.