Home Hand Saw Blade BI-METAL--32TPL


Hand saw blade: refers to a saw blade specially used for hand sawing for cutting pipes and profiles. Use a fixed/adjustable steel bow to clamp and tension the ends of the saw blade for sawing. According to the cutting object, different saw blade materials are required, which can be divided into a double metal saw blade, a high speed steel saw blade, a carbon steel hand saw blade and the like.



Hailian Saw Industry's special-shaped saw blade design and development capabilities are among the best in the industry. The products are divided into economical and professional types. They are widely used in shipbuilding, power generation, horticulture, construction and decoration industries, sawing various metal sheets, aluminum alloys, plastic materials. , laminate, wood, cement products, stone, etc. It can also undertake the research and development and manufacture of various special-shaped saw blades.